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About Us

About Pastor Ray Hurst (Papa Ray)

Papa Ray

Papa Ray knows the fear of abandonment and the pain of rejection that growing up without a father can cause. He knows firsthand the struggle of not believing he was worthy or loved.

These struggles took him through two devastating, life-changing depressions. In the first one he went bankrupt, losing his business and his home. In the second, some twenty years later, he nearly lost his life.

After this second battle with depression, a significant shift happened. Ray realized that he was not the only one who felt forsaken and left alone to fight for his life. Assisting others as they faced their hurts and overcame their pain gave him a sense of purpose. He understood that his life's calling was to reach out to help other people feel loved and wanted.

Now Papa Ray's greatest passion is writing and developing easy-to-understand teachings people can follow to show them how they are worthy and help them see their real purpose in life—to help them find freedom!

His new motto has become:

“I will be to the world what the world was not to me when I needed them.”

By touching people's hearts and filling them with love, Papa Ray has helped thousands feel wanted as a son or daughter and be able to receive love from their heavenly Father.

Your gift will help us be to the world what others may not have been for them.
“Ray & Willa have a passion to help people overcome the obstacles of life and to flow in their God-given destiny.”

-Steve Lapp, Light of Hope Ministries
“I have known Ray and Willa for a number of years when I pastored a local church some years ago but have been Ray’s business coach for the last 2 years. I have worked with him on both business and personal issues and found him responsive to input. He has also worked with me through some of his ideas about their ministry. I have always found them to be honest with me even when they have gone through some difficult times together which have given them a real desire and heart to work with others going through difficult times. They both have a heart to follow God and serve Him. Ray has a heart for people and Willa is a servant. They both have a gift of creativity.”

- Duane Britton, Managing Partner, Britton Consulting Group

How Father’s Blessing Started

In 2004 I was traveling with Global Awakening, teaching on healing and deliverance in Brazil. Little did I know that was the beginning of the most exciting ministry experience I have ever done.

It was in Pato Bronco, a small town in southern Brazil, where it all started. One day I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to stand as a father for the girl I was praying for. It was one of the most amazing results I have ever seen up to that point. Even though the focus had been on physical healing, there was a totally amazing, deep emotional healing!

I stood there in the place of her father and asked her for forgiveness for the wrongs that were done by her father and then blessed her as a daughter. This simple act of love that came from my heart to hers tore down years of strongholds and lies that she built in her mind and heart.

She may have never heard a blessing from her father or knew that he loved her. It is also possible that she closed her heart to him and she was not able to receive love from him no matter how hard he tried. Either way this was the time for her healing and restoration.

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Team Jesus Ministries

My wife, Willa, and I started Team Jesus Ministries in 2009, to draw people closer to God by blessing them through teaching, healing, and restoring broken hearts.

The purpose of Team Jesus Ministries is to bring healing to hearts and to transform lives by setting the captives free of the bondage in their hearts and minds. We believe that the wounds of the past will stop people from walking in the whole truth of who they are.

I have had the honor of standing in the gap (in the place of the father) for thousands of people as a spiritual father, leading them to forgive the sins or hurts of their fathers and mothers, then blessing them with the father’s blessing. We have seen the incredible results of people being blessed and being able to walk in new freedom.

We believe that the father’s blessing is very important for people to walk in pure love with an open heart. Even Jesus received the Father’s blessing before He entered into His ministry. Restoring the hearts of fathers to the children, and the children’s hearts to fathers, is the main focus of our ministry (Malachi 4:6) along with other teachings on forgiveness and walking in love.

We also know all too well the pain of when leaders that should be showing love turn their backs on you when you do not agree with them, even when they are wrong. We have felt the sting of rejection and the pain of abuse in many ways. Now we want to go to the nation to set others free!

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