How We Can Help

Speaking, Training, mentoring and More!

How Can We Help

As part of our commitment to make the world a better place, we are very actively working to do all we can. Here are some ways we feel we can improve the world we live in. We are offering these services to help families grow stronger together.

Listed below are some very powerful ways we have used to touch hearts and change lives.

Invite Us to Speak / Public Meetings

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One of our powerful tools has been to share about the Orphan’s Heart and the Father’s Blessing in public settings, like churches, small groups, or any other gatherings, both large and small.

People of all ages will gain a deeper understanding of the struggles they or a loved one are facing, and learn how to address the issue and embrace positive change.

Family Reconciliation

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It can be hard to work out the differences with the people we love the most. When we try to help those we are closest to, our perception, the family history, and our passion for what we see and think can interfere with forward progress.

When either side feels strongly about their ideas, the other side may not feel their vantage point is respected or understood. Disagreement can deteriorate communication quickly and sabotage the process of healing.

We have experienced much success in helping families sit down together and work through difficult issues or misunderstanding. We create a safe place for both sides to feel respected and heard. We are committed to seeing families restored, and even in cases where agreement cannot be reached, we have seen family members find a place where they can feel loved and respected.

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We offer mentoring, as well as coaching, for people who are looking to take the next step in their life or for those who want someone to walk with them as they work on improving their life.


We offer training for people who want to know more about the Orphan’s Heart and the Father’s Blessing. We have a fully written manual to follow along that will give you valuable insight and understanding of how the orphan heart feels and thinks.

This is very important for anyone that feels called to be a spiritual father or mother.

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We do all we can to help everyone we can, we do not turn people away because they cannot afford our help. Will you help us to reach more people that cannot contribute?